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[ENG] Szczecin, P*land: Solidarity with anarchist comrade Anarch

Our fellow anarchist comrade and musician Anarch is being persecuted by the abw (interior office police) on the pretext of “inciting hatred against priests”. On the morning of June 8 in Szczecin, undercover agents entered Anarch’s apartment and took his laptop and phone.

From their excuse, our comrade learned that the leptop and phone were taken because of the ongoing investigation for incitement to violence against clergy. It is about posts published on social media from two years ago.

The Polish state uses this kind of repression on many activist
individuals in revenge for the events of winter 2020, when violent
protests against the new, even more conservative abortion ban law swept through the Polish state. The anarchist movement and antifa played an important role in these protests.

In the territory occupied by the p*lish state, the clergy holds not only the government of souls, but of huge capital in the form of real estate and private businesses supported by successive governments. No need to add about pedophilia, contacts with fascists or disgusting wealth of bishops.

We are appealing for solidarity according to your abilities and
willingness, and additionally we are collecting for Anarch for legal
aid, and buying new equipment. Our colleague is a musician, he runs a video blog, he has been promoting anarchism in social media for years, laptop and phone are his “work” tools.

paypal: anarchnow161@gmail.com